Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday - moving to a new country

So I arrived in Germany two weeks ago today. New country, new language, new living situation, new food, new drink, new...almost everything. My last day of work before my leave also happened to be two months ago today. It's a strange thing to pack up one suitcase and leave your life behind and go to a place where you can completely re-create yourself and your life. And yet, wherever you go...there you are, right? It's true. I think that the essence of ourselves shines brightly when we are put in a new situation. That means the good, the bad and the ugly, but also the amazing. It's like throwing yourself into the deep end of the pool, shouting out for a life preserver because you feel like you're drowning, but then suddenly realizing, hey this water is warm and I like swimming. Oh yah.

A friend of mine told me that highs and lows of travel and living abroad are what make it such a rich experience. Your highs make you want to sing on top of a mountain like Julie Andrews. Your lows make you want to drown your sorrows in great German beer and then jump on a plane home where everybody knows your name and you don't have to think hard before ordering food. And yet, would any of us trade an experience like this? Of course not. You grow and you grow...much faster than at home. Sure, at home is easier, comfortable, safe, cozy, you're loved. But I'm learning you can be loved anywhere. You just gotta throw yourself in. Let yourself feel it all and then just walk. Walk and walk and explore and discover and let yourself be foreign. Let yourself be stupid and make dumb mistakes. Who cares? They don't know you. You can always use the line "I'm foreign." Works every time...mostly.

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Rachel said...

I totally agree! I've had my ups and downs here in Rio but I wouldn't chnage it for the world! Happy 2 week anniversary :)

Rachel said...

I totally agree! I've had my ups and downs here in Rio but I wouldn't chnage it for the world! Happy 2 week anniversary :)

Jano said...

Well put, Kris! There's a lot to be said for reinventing ourselves and the best place to do it is where we are a stranger to the people around us. It doesn't mean we have to change the things we like about ourselves, just the things we don't like so much. For instance, if we're naturally shy, we can decide to smile and say hi to people on the street---good friendships can result! Looks like you're having a great time in Germany. We're certainly enjoying your posts! :>)

Ethno girl said...

Thanks Rachel! :)

Ethno girl said...

Very true Jan - I think we are forced to become more bold and confident whether we want to or not. :) I'm glad you're enjoying my posts. Germany is great...challenging, but that's part of the adventure, right? :)

Dave Borrell said...

You definitely are right. Life in a new place would definitely be hard. No one there knows you, no one there can easily support and catch you each time you fall, but you know what? That's what makes the adventure and the move worth it. It gives you the opportunity to start all over again, rebuild and pick up the pieces of your messed up life. Also, you're right; never be afraid to make mistakes. How else are we supposed to learn? And that's what makes moving to a new country exciting and memorable.

Dave Borrell

Gabe Stirling said...

I like the idea of being foreign and not being afraid to make mistakes. You know, sometimes, mistakes are really good conversation starters. They draw interest from other people, which will make them want to get to know you, since they know for themselves they, too, did have mistakes in the past. With that, you can actually make new friends.

Gabe Stirling