Thursday, January 26, 2012

Top 10 things I'm going to miss about Vancouver

As I come closer to leaving Vancouver for a year I can't help thinking about everything I will leave behind (as excited as I am for new adventures and a new place) and so I thought I would do a short post on the top 10 things I will most miss about Vancouver, since you know, it's not the worst place to live ;) Now the question is...should I do a "Top 10 things I'm NOT going to miss about Vancouver list?" ;)

1. Seeing the snow capped mountains everywhere I go on a perfect, clear sunny day.

2. The smell of the ocean as I bike along the beach at Jericho.

3. Tasty, fresh and cheap sushi.

My Italian cousin, Nicola and I sampling some of the best sushi and yes, I am wearing my "You have died of dysentery t-shirt".

4. That perfect clean, crisp BC air. (Not really sure how you portray air in a photo...)
5. Hiking the mountains and the grouse grind (yes I actually will miss the grouse grind!)
The Chief

View from Grouse Mountain

6. Being able to choose from pretty much any ethnic food group when I go out for dinner. (here I am drinking GuaranĂ¡ at the Brazilian Festival this summer...okay, so it's not food...but hey, it was ethnic and yummy)

7. Watching people love/hate the Canucks/Luongo on a daily basis (including myself).

I hate Luongo.

I love Luongo!

8. Knowing the arts & culture scene like the back of my hand.

9. The cherry blossoms.

10. Being somewhere where everybody knows my name and they're always glad I came, in other words - ALL my peeps in Van and on Van Island. Especially these two girls in particular.

Me and adorable little girl I will miss #1.

Me and adorable little girl I will miss #2.


Holly said...

Great post, Kris! And you should definitely do the 10 Things You Won't Miss post, it'll get you excited to travel!

Slobodans said...

Hmph! I thought I would at least be girl #3! ;) And I agree with Holly; you MUST do a 10 things you won't miss list.

marianne said...

Most of those things are on my list of things I miss about Vancouver! Soak it up and appreciate it all while you can!

Ethno girl said...

Thanks Hol! I will definitely do the list of top things I won't miss...should be fun ;)Hey Cinty, you know you're my #3! :) And thanks Marianne, I am trying to appreciate it as much as I can!

Queentammiefer said...

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