Sunday, September 4, 2011

6. Go back to Hawaii or somewhere tropical or "Top 10 reason I love Hawaii"

Aloha! Well, as my 101 list comes to an end this month I thought I should catch up with a few things that I actually did manage to do recently. One of which was to go back to Hawaii this past winter with my friend Michelle! I know that everyone who has been to Hawaii says they love Hawaii and it seems like such a typical tropical destination but here's the secret - it really is the most amazingly awesome place. I have only been to the island of Oahu, but I do plan on visiting other islands next time, but still I feel like I can speak for the general qualities that make this one of my favourite places.

Here is my top 10 list of reason I love this place -

1. People actually greet each other with Aloha and mean it.
2. People will give you the hang loose sign and mean it.
3. Despite the constant inundation of tourists year long locals remain friendly and welcoming to tourists (well at least all the ones that I encountered.)
4. The temperature fluctuates between perfectly warm and slightly warmer all year round.
5. The water is amazing and you can stay in it for hours.
6. There is a constant smell of flowers and other lush things in the air.
7. There are so many types of tropical fruit fresh and ready to be eaten all year round.
8. You can't help but be laid back, relaxed and just completely chill when you're there. It's practically the law.
9. You can wear whatever you want and no one will blink an eye (for example men actually wear Hawaiin shirts there as office clothing.)
10. You are guaranteed to always get "leid". (couldn't help myself ;)

Next stop....Maui! :)


Slobodans said...

I want to go back so badly! And good choice on nice!

myredbike said...

I'm convinced! Looking forward to visiting Hawaii with the family one day.