Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Anniversary

Happy Olympic Anniversary! Was it really a year ago today that the torch was lit and the rockin' street party in Vancouver began? What a wonderful month it was in this city. The constant sea of red and white on the streets, the incredible Canadian spirit, finally winning so many gold medals in our own contry, the incredible athletes, the free live music everywhere in the city and of course the final Gold medal hockey game. It was the highlight of 2010 for me and I feel proud to have been living in the host city. There were ups and downs, from the death of the Georgian luger to the embarrassing incident in the opening ceremonies where the arm of the cauldron wouldn't rise, to my own experience with hypothermia up at Cypress, but overall it was an amazing event. Here are a few photos from those incredible weeks.


Star Weiss said...

Love it, Kris, and I too have been reminiscing and wishing we could do it all over again!

myredbike said...

What great memories! It was fun watching the Olympic video with you on Saturday!