Monday, August 9, 2010

95. Make a Cheesecake

Although I have baked many things in my life, for some reason cheesecake was not one of them until recently. Thank goodness that has now changed. I just never realized how simple it is. I adapted a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens for Cheesecake Supreme because it had the shortest chilling time and Holly, Dean, Sophie and I really wanted to eat cheesecake that evening. But, I would recommend chilling cheescake's even better the next day. I did wimp out a bit and buy a graham crust, but next time I will make that from scratch too. I then made a chocolate peanut butter glaze that I stole from the most amazing chocolate peanut butter cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself.


myredbike said...

Yum! It was delicious! Thanks for bringing your cheesecake experiment to our place!

Michelle said...

Your cheesecake looks DELISH!! (Way better than Dean's experimental pie for sure - haha!). You are inspiring me to get into trying out new baking techniques! Great job!