Monday, July 26, 2010

9. Go 5 places I've never been before

It's surprisingly easy to go 5 places you've never been before. I mean, technically I could just walk down a different street one day, or try a new restaurant, but I decided to be a little more adventurous than that. Here are 5 new places I've visited:

1. Los Angeles, California.
This past October I went to an Arts Marketing Conference in LA and was surprised to find that I actually really enjoy the city. We stayed in the financial district, which also happens to be the cultural district where the Walt Disney Hall is situated. This incredible building was designed by Frank Gehry and finished in 2003. On one of my last night's there I was able to find last minute tickets to see the new 28 year old Venezuelan conductor of the LA Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel conduct his inaugral performance in the hall and it was amazing. I didn't even end up going to Hollywood, but other than the pollution and traffic I actually found LA quite friendly and cultural. I would go back for sure!

2. Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver
I had a day off in the spring and Munir and I decided to venture out to Lighthouse Park in lovely West Vancouver. It was a perfect, sunny day and we thoroughly enjoyed our little venture out to the lighthouse, but were disappointed to learn that a fence surrounds the entire lighthouse so you can't actually get near it. Still, the park is worth a visit.

3. Revelstoke National Park, BC
Although I have passed through Revelstoke a number of times, I've never been to Revelstoke National Park and on a trip to the interior recently Munir and I decided to drive the 25 km incredibly windy road up to the top of the mountain. Once there we had a bit of trouble finding the right paths that would take us to the viewpoints, but we eventually did and it was spectacular. We would have stayed longer but the bugs were eating us (well Munir) alive. We also took a 6 minute helicopter ride around the area on our way up there and it was great!

*Addendum: Munir would like me to set the story straight a bit here, so I suppose I'd better. You see, I wasn't exactly thrilled initially by the idea of driving up 25 kms of winding road because I was very very hungry at the time. And anyone who knows me knows I'm not a pretty picture when I'm hungry and have low blood sugar. Also, I was recovering from a sun burn, and my knee hurt and there were bugs. So, at first when we started walking around I was...maybe a little on the grumpy side, but I would like to also say that once I had food and a knee brace I became downright playful and cheerful and very happy that we drove all the way up. So, now I have told the whole truth and nothin' but. I think. :) I've also added this photo of myself skipping, yes skipping down the path after lunch.

4. Okanagan Lake, BC
So, technically I have been to Kelowna before, but I have never been to Okanagan Lake and specifically swam in it before and it was lovely! The water was warm, the temperature was hot, and later we had delicious organic, local food at Wild Apple restaurant right on the lake. I would highly recommend both the lake and the restaurant!

5. Mission Hill Family Estate
We stopped at the Mission Hill Family Estate Winery on the way out of Kelowna and it is spectacular. I felt like I had been transported to Italy, and even the architecture was so European. They also have a lovely al fresca restaurant that is straight out of a guide book for Tuscany. Even for non-wine drinkers this makes a great stop, as long as you don't mind the crowds, that is.


myredbike said...

Great post, Kris! Makes me want to go on a trip, too! Mission Hill looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm jealous that you got to go up in a helicopter!

Michelle said...

Love the post! And you're right, Mission Hill does look like Italy! So glad you had a great time and look forward to your many more adventures! :)

Kristi said...

thanks guys! it was a fun post to write :)

tsk said...

Love this post Kristi! Did you take that photo in LA? It's amazing. I pretty much want to go everywhere on your list now.

Ethno girl said...

Thanks Trish, and no I did not take the Walt Disney Hall photo..that's a wiki photo for ya :) And I would definitely recommend all those places!

Star Weiss said...

Hey Kris,
Wow, I feel like I've been on a little holiday with you...great pics and writeups...isn't exploring wonderful?