Tuesday, May 18, 2010

63. Go to a White Caps game

For Munir's birthday this year I gave him a pair of tickets to a White Caps game since he's such a soccer fan and maybe it was also a little selfishly motivated since I did have to check this off my 101 list ;) This past Saturday we were about to head off to the game when we realized that the tickets were back in Surrey, and we were in Vancouver, the game was in Burnaby (at Swanguard Stadium) in 30 minutes. So...we went straight to the game, hoping that they would be kind to us and check my VISA card and let us into the game...but alas, they had no way of tracking our tickets and we were forced to buy another set. So technically we had 4 tickets for Saturday's game!

Anyways, the White Caps played their rivals, the Montreal Impact and the game resulted in a 0-0 draw. Technically the White Caps scored 2 goals that didn't count, but my hopes for any real goals went out the window. It's not quite as exciting when there's no scoring, and I couldn't believe how long the players stay on the field at a time! I guess I'm used to hockey where they switch up every 5-10 seconds it seems :) Anyways, it was a fun night, and I'm looking forward to joining the rest of world who actually follow soccer this June for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Maybe I'll even learn the names of a few players. Maybe.


Enviro Girl said...

Glad you got to the game! Sounds like a class Weiss schmozzle about the tickets!

Kristi said...

It was a schmozzle but I would like to note that "no Weisses were involved in the schmozzing of this event"...;)