Monday, April 19, 2010

The mouse saga - installment 1

It was a dark and stormy night when I first saw the mouse. Okay, maybe it wasn't dark and stormy, but that was my mood when a tiny little mouse scurried out from under a cabinet in front of me and made me scream like a litle girl. This was at least a few months ago and said mouse has now taken up residence in my apartment. He appears to be quite cozy now, sauntering in front of me while I watch TV, sitting back and sipping a mai tai on my couch, checking his facebook account. But seriously...what does it take to get rid of one tiny little mouse? Apparently I need a highly intelligent operative of some sort, maybe the Jack Bauer of the mouse world.

At the moment I have three traps set -

1. The poison trap (the mouse is supposedly attracted to a little black box, creeps inside...sees poisoned food and thinks "woo hoo! Free food!" eats poisoned food and then very nicely goes outside and finds a quiet place to die)
2. Two different neck snapper traps (one with peanut butter and one with cheese)

I have yet to try the sticky trap since I can't quite stomach the idea of a squirming, dying mouse that I somehow have to kill still.

I have moved the trap to a variety of locations around my apartment, he has set the traps off twice, gotten the cheese and I'm sure, with a smirk on his little face, crawled off to have another mai tai (thinking to himself "stupid humans"). He has now demolished a bag of whole wheat flower, leapt out from under the burner and onto Munir's feet while we were cooking, knawed my walls at night, gone through every inch of my apartment, and I have evidence that he even tried to eat my goldfish....seriously.

I have now found one of the holes where he comes from and have set two traps around it, but so far...still no dead mouse. As many of you know, I love animals...they're so cute and loving and huggable. But I want this mouse dead. I have been offered cats by various friends but fear the mess a cat might make by killing the mouse in my apartment.

I included this drawing because this is how I imagine my mouse and his little friends plot to invade my apartment in some secret lair at night.

And so my mouse saga continues. Stay tuned for more updates.


Enviro Girl said...

He tried to eat your goldfish? That mouse is cheeky! Good luck plotting his demise!

tsk said...

Ha! Funny post. Maybe you should put a Mai Tai in the mouse trap.