Wednesday, December 9, 2009

60. Take a Graphic Design Course

This fall I took a course called "Visual Design" from UBC continuing education. The goal of the course was to introduce you to basic design principles and concepts and it was the perfect way for me to be introduced into this world. The teacher, Mary Kletchko, has tons of knowledge and experience and was a great resource and I would definitely take courses with her in the future. I learned about typography, colours, what makes a good design, what makes a bad design, how to talk to potential clients, how to design an effective logo and lots more. It really validated so many of my gut instincts that I couldn't quite put into words when I did or didn't like a design. Here's a poster that Holly, Dean and I designed for our choir Christmas concerts, and it was well received in class. I'm looking forward to learning more, and exploring this area of my creativity :)

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