Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yes I CAN!

After many years...months...days of pondering I finally joined the Co-operative Auto Network! I've joined as a deposit-free member so that I can test it out and see how much I use it, and whether I'd like to become a full member eventually. For those who don't know about CAN, it's the perfect way to have the use of a car, but not own one! You just pay hourly fees for when you use the car (at least for deposit-free members) and then you return the car to its spot and no need to worry about a thing!

Yesterday I took my first drive in a CAN car, a little 2007 Toyota Corolla that is literally a block from my apartment! It was very liberating and I'm excited to be part of the CAN family along with lots of other Co-operative people ;) Here's a photo of me and Soph with my first CAN car...and no, I didn't cause the bump in the fender. :)

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Enviro Girl said...

Yay! Welcome to the fold. I think transporting pumpkins to a Halloween party is a worthy first trip in a CAN car!

Make sure you pick up a Green Zebra coupon book to get the $50 CAN coupon. What a deal!