Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#80 - Collect photos and frame them for my walls

Okay, so I haven't entirely finished this one, but I think I've made some pretty huge steps. That is I actually got photos developed, chose some great ones from these, bought some nice frames and then last weekend I hung them myself! That's right....I didn't even use a level and yet I'm pretty sure they are level. It makes me happy to have more decoration up and as Munir says, "It doesn't look like a boy's apartment anymore." It never did look (or smell)like a boy's apartment, but now it definitely is more girlie. I'm now inspired to finish decorating. Let's hope my inspiration leads to action. Perhaps in another 6 months I will be finished.

1 comment:

Slobodans said...

Should have said this last night...but the pictures are great! Definitely more homey!