Friday, March 13, 2009

29. Go to the chiropractor

After actually crying during a back bend in my yoga class, I decided that I probably should take my yoga teacher's suggestion and try going to a chiropractor. He suggested Robin Armstrong from Qi Integrated Health at Broadway and Macdonald and so far it's been great. I really hate the sound of cracking bones and I was pretty freaked out by the idea of someone doing that to my back, but I also wanted to try and solve my lower back pain and feel flexible again! I've been going for just over a month and it's amazing how much more flexible I've become already. That and I really like and now trust my chiropractor and I'm hoping that this will offer some good solutions. She also uses Active Release Technique and gives me exercises to do that will help me to stay aligned and not have to depend on coming back all the time. I must say, it's also really nice just to have someone help me take care of my body and just be focusing on that whenever I go. Also, the clinic is completely zen and has the coolest sink in the bathroom which imitates a zen garden's fountain. So, I can check #29 off my lists of 101 things! Yay! And hopefully my back gets a lot better too :)

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Enviro Girl said...

Glad to hear it's helping you so much! Sounds a little freaky to me, but also worth it if you're feeling so much better!