Saturday, February 21, 2009

91. Buy a vacuum

So, I decided that you don't need to be getting married in order to get household items. In fact, I really think they should have showers for people moving out on their own now since people don't get married as early any more. So today, as I was walking home with my groceries in my backpack I decided to buy myself a vacuum! Yes, it was on my list of 101 things to do and my current one sucks...or rather, doesn't suck ;) So today I walked into London Drugs, grabbed the first vacuum that I found that was on sale and carpets actually look clean again! I must say, I've had a great bus day...3 really nice bus drivers. Earlier today I had a bus driver stop in the middle of the street to pick me up, then Holly and I had a great one that was joking around with us, and then, after I bought my vacuum my next bus driver was cracking jokes left, right and centre! First he asked me to vacuum the bus and therefore not have to pay my fare, then he was making jokes about things "sucking and not sucking" the rest of the trip. If you ever want some amusement buy large objects and take them on the bus. Anyways, here I am with my new Dirt Devil. My life is truly exciting.


tsk said...

You should totally be a vacuum model!

And I agree about the showers for people not getting married/having kids. We just threw a "Puppy Shower" for a co-worker since she's not getting married or having kids and it just seemed unfair that she was going to miss out on all the present-receiving.

Enviro Girl said...

Yay for impulse buying large appliances! Yay for taking them on the bus! Yay for great bus drivers!

Slobodans said... vacuum looks like a piece of junk now! I might just have to come down and borrow yours! :)