Sunday, February 15, 2009

72. Take Sophie to the Aquarium

Well, on the spur of the moment on Saturday morning I thought it was the perfect opportunity to cross #72 off my list and have a fun morning with my niece at the Aquarium! The only photo I have from our adventure is leaving Hol and Dean's place but we really did go :) It's kind of hard to take pictures when you've got a 2 year old running around, you're pushing a stroller and opening doors which is why I didn't take any at the time. We successfully navigated the buses together and made it to the entrance. The first thing she said was "put money in!"...I finally figured out that she wanted to put money in the fountain, which we did and I'm sure she made a great 2 year old wish like "may mommy please take me to the library this week and let me wear her shoes."

Some highlights for Sophie were (in her words):
1. "the big....fat....turtle!" (referring to the giant sea turtle)
2. "otters rolling...other otter sleeping."
3. "baby beluga!"
4. "little sharks"
5. "silly monkeys"
6. "balls!" (in the tank with the dolphins)
7. "little sea star...big sea star."

She tried to snatch a stuffed baby beluga in the gift shop in the way out and promptly announced that "Sophie want this" but I convinced her that her mouse and moosey were enough to keep her happy for now.

So it was a fun and lively outing with my niece and I look forward to many more! :)


Enviro Girl said...

Great post, Kris! Thanks for taking Sophie, she was talking about the visit for the rest of the day. Thanks as well for not giving in to Sophie's request for a beluga, we certainly have enough stuffed animals around here already!

tsk said...

I love Sophie's face in this photo! She's totally doing a pirate face.

Photographer: Sophie, smile for the camera!

Sophie: Aaarrrrrrrrr!

Skye said...

Is the aquarium great? We want to go before we leave but only if it's worth the money!