Saturday, January 24, 2009

Out with the with the new.

So after long conversations with my more tech-proficient boyfriend I was convinced that I should get with the times and try the new Blackberry flip phone since I was upgrading anyways and I convinced them to give it to me for free. I brought my new phone home last night and thought it was pretty amusing to see my old cell next to the new fancy one. I think my old phone is having serious jealousy issues. I have yet to actually figure out my new phone, but probably in a few months, and after having read the manual a few times I will start to figure it out.

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Katie P said...

wow, my old and new computers have the same relationship! I am pretty sure my old computer is always like, "what's going on out there- who are you typing on? It's that other computer, isn't it! Tramp!"