Wednesday, January 28, 2009

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~Confucius

Drum roll please....the moment you've all been waiting for...or at least a select few....yes, it's my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days. I technically started on the 1st of January, 2009 so my 1001 days are up as of September 29th, 2011. In that time I have the following goals (and more which are not on the list.) Also, having done them once does not mean I will never do them again :)

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

1. Earn at least X
2. Increase my personal savings to at least X
3. Meet with a financial planner
4. Read a book about investing and finances

5. Visit Sabrina and Josh in Montreal
6. Go back to Hawaii or somewhere tropical
7. Visit my friends in the maritimes
8. Go on a road trip to the Yukon and Alaska (and possibly NWT)
9. Go 5 places I've never been before
10. Visit Grandma again on Salt Spring
11. Go to Portland

12. Climb the Grouse Grind
13. Reach my goal weight
14. Run to the end of Spanish banks
15. Run a 5 k race
16. Run a 10 k race
17. Walk to or from UBC one day
18. Ski at Whistler
19. Go to drop in badminton
20. Climb at least one mountain
21. Ride in a critical mass
22. Go to a naturopath or nutritionist
23. Bike to work for an entire week straight
24. Bike the sea wall
25. Take a dance class
26. Buy new running shoes
27. Go tubing at a Vancouver mountain
28. Go ice skating with Munir
29. Go to a chiropractor
30. Go to a massage therapist
31. Do 5 push ups in a row

Creative & Musical
32. Do a water colour painting
33. Do an acrylic painting
34. Start writing my novel
35. Write 5 poems
36. Buy a full size keyboard
37. Write first 60 pages of my novel
38. Find a band to play my sax in
39. Finish writing piece for mom
40. Finish giraffe cross-stitch for Holly
41. Knit a scarf
42. Enter some writing in a contest
43. Start writing group
44. learn how to crochet and make a toque
45. Finish my Southwest Trip scrap book

46. Buy a hot red dress
47. Get my legs waxed
48. Buy black boots
49. Finish a cross word puzzle by myself
50. Buy a new cell phone
51. Buy a bikini once I've reached my goal weight

52. Read the Old testament all the way through
53. Re-read the new testament
54. Go to the Vancouver Temple open house with friends and family

Career & Education
55. Join the Society for Ethnomusicology
56. Get a full time job
57. Update my resume
58. Read both marketing books that I own all the way through
59. Take a course at UBC
60. Take a graphic design course
61. Take the following courses: Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator
62. Get my thesis bound and printed (a few copies)


63. Go to a White Caps Games
64. Go to the Opera again
65. Go to Theatre Under the Stars
66. Read 5 of the books that people have leant to me
67. See a dance performance in town
68. Make a list of 10 movies I want to see and watch them
69. Make a list of 10 books I want to read and read them
70. Go to Medea
71. Watch all Oscar nominated Best Picture Movies from one year
72. Take Sophie to the Aquarium
73. Have a sister day with Holly
74. Go to the Belkin Art Gallery
75. See a show at the Frederick Wood Theatre
76. Go to a Vancouver International Film Festival film
77. See a movie at the VanCity Theatre
78. See a show at the Stanley Theatre

79. Finish decorating my apartment
80. Collect photos and frame them for my walls
81. Finish putting together my 72 Hour Kit
82. Start food storage
83. Make a pumpkin pie
84. Learn how to use my crockpot and make something with it
85. Back up all my files
86. make goulash
87. Try 12 new recipes each year
88. Make dinner for Michelle
89. Have Hol and Dean and Soph over for brunch
90. Make a loaf of bread from scratch
91. Buy a vacuum
92. print and frame snow photo of Sophie
93. Buy bees wax candles
94. Buy renter's insurance
95. Make a cheesecake

Volunteering and/or helping others
96. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift
97. Volunteer at a worthy event
98. Perform at a senior's home
99. Donate to or do something more to help the Stephen Lewis Foundation
100. Make treat for a friend
101. Donate more clothes, scarves etc. to a good cause


Amelia said...

Hey Kristi! I love your list! One of the advantages of being in a family ward is that they actually teach you how to make bread. If you want a lesson, I'll help you cross that off your list. ^_^


Enviro Girl said...

Great list, Kris! I'm looking forward to our sister day. I'd go up the Grind with you as well!

Shouldn't "test my smoke alarm" be an item on your list, though? ;)

Nice work with the strikethroughs!

Kirsten said...

So I was going to comment and tell you that I'd help you bake bread and/or hike the Grind with you, but Amelia and Holly beat me to it!

Let me know if you want help with either, I just baked bread for the first time about 2 weeks ago :)

aidos said...

Wow! Is that the same giraffe cross stitch? I think you need to come to Chicago and have an intensive stitch weekend together!

Kristi said...

Haha....yes it is the same one! I think I've actually forgotten how to cross stitch now..haha. Chicago sounds great! :)